At the VI International Congress on Road Safety in St. Petersburg, an innovative simulator for training in traffic rules was introduced  .

What is this simulator for?

    An interactive mobile training simulator called "I am a PEDESTRIAN" is designed to develop practical skills of safe behavior on the road according to the rules of the road. Also, the simulator is necessary for training the correct determination of the distance to a moving vehicle and the safe passage of the roadway to the other side of the road, both in the light and in the dark.

    On the training simulator, you can work out different situations of behavior on the road. For example, such as an exit because of a stopped vehicle at a pedestrian crossing, when another car is moving along the neighboring strip; Road crossing at the signal of a traffic light or the traffic controller; Behavior at stops when leaving public transport; Behavior on the road when driving special vehicles, etc. If you turn off the light in the classroom in the dark, you can clearly show why it is necessary to use reflective elements and how they help to be more visible on the road.

    That is, the simulator can be used as a preventive measure of child road traffic injuries.

How is training on the trainer going?

    During training on the simulator "I'm a pedestrian", the child in real time sees the traffic, as well as other objects, on the screens located to the right and left of it, thus practically being inside a traffic situation. In the case of a wrong start of movement, that is, when it is dangerous to cross the road, light and sound signals are triggered, as if they are signals from the real horns and headlights (which is very important for hearing impaired children). This way the pedestrian learns to correctly determine the safe distance.

What is the road marking "zebra" that is used in this simulator?

    Here, a marking of the ground pedestrian crossing is applied with inscriptions "STOP" and then LOOK. It is necessary to fulfill the main rule of a pedestrian to stop before crossing the road! Only after that to see if it is safe to cross the road or to give the right of way to moving vehicles, which, for example, did not stop at the red light of the traffic light before the pedestrian crossing. There may be different reasons why the driver of the vehicle did not stop, and these inscriptions help to remind the pedestrian how to behave correctly on the "zebra" crossin.

Where does the filming of traffic situations for projection on the screens take place?

    Filming of a traffic situation can be carried out at any pedestrian crossing near a concrete object or in some other places, which can serve as an example of of a traffic situation where the correct behavior on the road can be trained. It can be for example, a place near a school or kindergarten. In such a case the training takes place in the usual situation for the child, in which he finds himself every day.

If you look at this simulator, you will see that it occupies almost all the space in the classroom. Can I transfer it from one room to another?

    The simulator is mobile and when folded it is quite compact. So it can be carried from one building to another and even transported to another locality, where you are going to teach safe behavior on the roads. The trainer "I am a pedestrian" is important to use at classes on traffic rules in schools and preschool institutions. In addition, the simulator can be used not only to train ones behavior in various traffic situations, but also for other areas of training.

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